Why is Rope Carrier System required ?

Designed to avoid losses (loss of productivity, loss of tonnage and loss of life due to unfortunate accidents that sometimes happen), H&T Rope Carrier Systems effectively increase your productivity by saving tail threading time and thus increasing production in tons year after year. They recover their cost through increase in production per hour. A simple calculation as per formulae given here will give you a quick assessment of how much you are going to save and gain.


As an answer to the most frequent question "How much are we going to gain by improving tail threading efficiency?", we offer the following formulae:

Say If Machine Production (Tons/day) is  
A 125

If Machine Production (Days/year) is 330
B 330

If Number of Tail threads (24 hours day) is 'C' 04
C 04

If Loss of Production time (minutes) per tail threading is 'D' 10
D 10

then annual production loss will be=(ABCD) / 1440
                            =(125x330x4x10) /1440

                           i.e. =1145 tons

Minimum Savings
  20% of 1145 tons =  225 tons

Although Rope Carrier system can recover upto 90% of the production loss, let us take minimum recovery at just 20% for the purpose of arriving at pay back that this system will offer. In the given example, it comes to 225 Tons per year. It is clear that the Rope Carrier system pays back its cost in the initial years itself.
Different Systems for Different Needs

H & T Rope Carrier systems are offered for paper tail threading from first dryer sections to pope reel including systems for MG and Coaters. These are designed for both - ground floor and first floor paper machines. We offer different kinds of rope stretchers depending on machine space and location. Primarily these are of two types : Horizontal stretchers generally for ground floor machines; and, Vertical stretchers for 1st floor machines. Both stretchers come in two variants : i) Pneumatic loading and ii) Weight Loading stretchers.

Normally in dryer sections Two ropes system is designed. For pope reel and M.G., One rope system is designed. As regards coating section, Three ropes system is designed due to large open draw providing better grip to paper tail - specially when paper is travelling upwards.

Normally rope drive is taken from the dryers. However, on special request (if sufficient space for installing a separate idler ring on dryer is available) we can provide separate rope drive for rope feeding system which increases life of rope. Rope drive can be supplied with or without motor and gear box. However, variable speed control has to be provided at your end.

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